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...is foremost in looking after the welfare of animals in Sitia (Crete) and the surrounding area.

This small group, run by local Greek people and supported by a few foreign residents, is constantly struggling to cope with the huge numbers of animals "dumped" on the streets of our beautiful little town in Eastern Crete. It has successfully placed many dogs in new homes both locally and in other countries; many of them are pictured here. The numbers rehomed in the last few years have been fewer, however, because of the financial crisis, and there are, currently, many dogs and puppies in need of a home - some of them live on the streets or in a secure compound until there is a chance for them to be rehomed, while others are in foster care. The terrible economic situation means that more and more are being abandoned, thus putting even more strain on the human and financial resources of the group.

The group is in dire need of funding, as the number of animals in its care is increasing daily.

These were all found together.


Sadly, as a result of the capital controls in place in Greece, it is, currently, impossible for a new bank account in the name of the group to be opened. You can make donations via the links on this page. ALL money willl go directly to the Greek people who are caring for the animals. NO money is spent on administration - it is ALL for the animals, and they desperately need your help!


You can make contact with the group here.


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