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The number of dogs which are abandoned in and around the town cause a very real "social" issue and, at times, friction between those who accept them and care for their welfare and those who feel that they are a nuisance, at best. This is why we are so concerned to find homes for as many dogs as possible, either locally or further afield. Many of the dogs from Sitia which have found homes (both locally and abroad) can be seen here.

We are currently caring for around 150 dogs in and around the town, including a few in the shelter which are unable to be rehomed because of age or health and behavioural issues.

These are two of the gentle and friendly dogs living in the town centre - Susie and Nina


The number of dogs in our care includes many puppies of various ages and sizes. Fostering is vital for them to have a safe start in life, and we are constantly trying to find "new" people to act as fosters. If you feel that you would be able to do this and live in the wider Sitia area (including all the villages), please contact us.

This is the A B C of one family's experiences with "unwanted" dogs and puppies - not dog "experts" at all, just willing to give a little time and love. Fostering is incredibly rewarding; if you feel you can possibly care for a puppy or adult dog even for a short time, please contact us.














































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August 29, 2016 13:45