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One of the highest priorities is to ensure that all animals are neutered. This is done with the help of volunteer vets. Sessions are held at regular intervals throughout the year, with the support of the Sitia Dimos, which has provided premises for a "surgery". Records are kept of all animals which are neutered during these sessions - dogs are tattooed, and cats have a small notch clipped from one ear so that it can easily be seen that they have been "done". Obviously female animals are a priority, but we try to neuter as many males as possible as well - this is a quick and simple operation for both dogs and cats. Catching the stray dogs is normally not too difficult, but cats need to be trapped, and many of the more feral are extremely wary, and can't be handled. Special traps are needed, as well as a lot of patience!


This one won't be reproducing!

In addition to neutering street animals, part of the group's "remit" is to convince owners to neuter their pets and working animals. All too often, females are allowed (either deliberately or accidentally) to have one litter after another, resulting in many more puppies and kittens which the owners cannot support - and then abandon. We are delighted that feelings about this matter seem to be, slowly, changing, and many owners are now neutering their animals, which go on to have healthier lives as a result. This is very much "work in progress", but there is hope for the future, and all who work in the welfare group try to lead by example.

All the animals below have been "done" recently. Those with injuries, like the brown dog (Porthos) and the black one with the broken leg obviously also need further care - this costs money! Anyone wishing to help with their treatment, please go to the donations page for details of how to do so.























































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March 14, 2017 13:29